Slide Sick Care
Sick pets require rapid diagnosis and effective treatment to avoid long-term physical damage and unnecessary suffering. Hillchester Animal Hospital provides advanced diagnostics and the ultimate veterinary medical care for our sick patients. Veterinary services and treatments provided by our team are given with the greatest care and compassion. Enjoy ethical treatment given with warmth and respect, excellence in veterinary medicine for your companion animals, and informed support for every pet owner at Hillchester Animal Hospital.

Internal Medicine

Hillchester Animal Hospital offers a full range of medical services for our sick and injured patients. Our veterinarians have years of training and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline internal medical problems. If surgery is needed, post-surgical hospitalization includes daily veterinary exams, medications and fluid therapy, complete nursing care and patient monitoring, and advanced diagnostics. In the event a patient requires attention from a specialist, our comprehensive network of referral veterinarians are skilled in the treatment of emergency illness or trauma to maintain patients with long-term care needs.

Slide Advanced Diagnostics Communication & Visiting Hours Identifying the source of a problem is essential to effective treatment. We offer a variety of diagnostics on site, to enhance the process.

Veterinary laboratory: Our full-service diagnostic laboratory allows us to offer rapid test results when an immediate diagnosis is needed. Blood work, urinalysis, and parasite exams are performed during most wellness visits, while more advanced lab work is available for sick or injured patients. For specialized needs, we collaborate with ANTECH Diagnostics, a leading veterinary diagnostic laboratory offering more than 400 board-certified specialists and online access to our test results.

Radiology: Our on-site radiology center provides veterinarians with both plain and contrast X-rays and ultrasounds, with digital X-ray technology for the highest level of care. These forms of imaging offer detailed, noninvasive visualization of internal organs, including endoscopy for the upper and lower GI tract and nasal cavity. Advanced X-ray technology allows us to evaluate musculoskeletal, reproductive, and urinary systems as part of our overall diagnostic process. If an echocardiogram is needed, we refer to a cardiology specialist.