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Preventive care is the keystone of health.


Slide Puppy & Kitten Care Adult & Senior Pet Care Started by Vets. Loved by Pets. Preventive health care is essential to a full and healthy life. Hillchester Animal Hospital provides wellness care designed to prevent disease in your dogs and cats. Our services help pets resist illness through vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental health, and positive nutritional support. The Hillchester team is dedicated to a long, healthy life for our pet patients. Wellness care includes a comprehensive physical exam, dental care, parasite testing, nutritional guidelines and recommendations, vaccination program, and diagnostic testing for all stages of life.

Slide Wellness Plan Brochure Your family deserves pets that are a joy to be around, enhancing your lives for years to come. Our pets deserve the kind of care that keeps them healthy and vigorous for a long time. Our wellness and preventive care plans support pet health, longevity, and the human–animal relationship.

Some additional reasons to be diligent in providing wellness and preventive care for pets include the following:

  • Vaccinations help healthy dogs stay healthy. Addressing disease after the fact is often painful and detrimental to pets, and treatments can be quite expensive. Vaccinating your dogs and cats is the simplest way to keep many contagious and devastating diseases at bay. We work with you to develop a vaccination schedule that is effective and appropriate.

  • Diseases can creep up quickly and quietly. Dogs and cats age much more rapidly than we do. So, even if your pet looks perfectly healthy, illness and disease can be lurking undetected. Regular physical exams and diagnostic tests are crucial to identifying developing problems, especially those not visible to the naked eye.

  • Prevention is the key to better health and longer life. Preventive care improves quality of life and adds more healthy years to the lives of our animal companions. It is essential for detecting diseases early on, before they become more serious—and more expensive.

Our Preventive Care Plans make it easier to meet your pet’s health care needs. These plans feature comprehensive wellness services with the option of budget-friendly monthly payments. Browse our selection of plans designed for your canine and feline companions by downloading the Wellness Plan Brochure below, then choose the plan that works for you and your pet.
Preventative Care